How to Check Property Ownership in Pakistan Online

Need to know how to check property possession in Pakistan on the web?

1.  You’ll find all Sindh and Punjab property records online at

      and separately.

2.  Select your Tehsil, District, and region starting from the dropdown list.

3.  Enter your CNIC number or property number to look at Pakistan's property possession.

For a long time, individuals confronted trouble looking at responsibility for the property. There was no internet-based framework for individuals to check online property or land records. In old days people needed to manage Patwaris. The old framework was slow and was the primary driver of defilement in property or land-related matters. If you want a house for sale in Lahore or a house for rent in Lahore, then visit a famous website with high traffic

To stop this debasement and make this property proprietorship process simple, the Government of Pakistan chose to make an internet-based framework for property and land records. Nonetheless, this framework isn't accessible to all territories of Pakistan.

Just Punjab and Sindh governments have sent off the internet-based office to really look at property proprietorship. This article will direct you on how to check property proprietorship in Pakistan on the web.

Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA)

The Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA) sent off a land and property records framework. Individuals who have property in Punjab can check the records using the web-based Land Records Management Information System (LRMIS). The Punjab Land Record Authority deals with all the land and property-related matters in the region.

 Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA)


Step-by-step instructions to Check Property Ownership

Every one of the records of property and land is accessible on Punjab Zameen's official site. The moves toward checking the property and land proprietorship in Punjab are the accompanyings:

1.    Visit Punjab Zameen Official site

2.    You can look through the possession subtleties on the site's landing page.

3.    To start with, select the area starting from the drop menu. It would help to choose the locale where property or land is found.

4.    First, select Tehsil from the dropdown menu.

5.    Secondly, select the area where your property is present, from the dropdown menu.

6.    In the subsequent stage, you will be given three choices. You can look it through CNIC, Name, or Khewat (Property number).

7.    If you have any desire to look through it by CNIC, then you want to compose the 14 digits of your CNIC.

8.    After that, press enter.

9.    Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA) has likewise sent off its portable application. Notwithstanding, it is accessible for just Android clients.

10.   Advantages of LRMIS (Land Record Management Information System)

11.   Less time is expected to finish the transformation course (move of property).

12.   Without much of a stretch, look at the records from your home.

13.   Don't bother paying any charge.

14.   Bio-metric check and consolidation with NADRA ensure the legitimate record of the property.

15.   You don't need to pay patwari to look through the responsibility for the property.

16.   No Corruption.

The Sindh Board of Revenue has sent off this web-based framework for individuals claiming property in Sindh.


And look at the responsibility for our land. The Sindh Board of Revenue deals with all matters with property and land in the area.

This web-based framework has created individuals who can undoubtedly look through the proprietorship in their homes. This digitization of land and property records is an excellent step by the public authority of Pakistan. We trust that the KPK and Balochistan governments send off this internet-based framework for property records. We trust that now you know how to check property proprietorship in Pakistan on the web.

Advantages of the Digitization of Land Records in Pakistan

Advantages of the Digitization of Land Records in Pakistan

Digitalization has given Pakistan many benefits. Here are a few primary concerns:

Because of the Digitization of Land Records, the Patwari framework has nearly finished, and we trust this will eradicate the patwari framework. The debasement of the patwari framework, pay off, and holding up times will likewise be done.

Patwaris were so strong and exceptionally oppressive. Patwaris controlled the records of property proprietorship, deals, and acquisition of your territory, and they have had the option to change them. Such activities are handled with the advanced property digital tracking system.

The most common way of getting land archives in the patwari framework includes several days. Be that as it may, with a computerized framework, it is currently a question of a couple of moments.

Checking on the web records is for nothing.

Additionally, the exchange of land possession technique includes a few days in the old framework. Advanced framework made it conceivable in a few minutes or less.

One of the most significant benefits is that you can check whether the property you buy is enlisted or not with the vendor's subtleties. These controls will likewise diminish the gamble of misrepresentation.

The Digital framework has a high degree of genuineness as Property records relate to the National Database and the NADRA Authority.