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What is the average rent of a home in Lahore?

Rental prices in Lahore are considered expensive for Pakistan. Still, they could be regarded as average when compared to other major famous cities. The average rental cost for a private room in Lahore in 2020 is PKR rages from 10000 to 20,000, including utilities. With its additional privacy and facilities, a Lahore studio apartment costs an average of PKR 40000, including utility bills. A one-bedroom apartment in Lahore can be yours for the average rent of PKR 15000 to 30000, including utilities a month. 

Which area in Lahore offers the lowest house rental prices?

Living in Lahore is getting expensive, and now a day no area in Lahore is affordable or cheap. A slight difference in houses for rent in Lahore is seen between the city and the remote regions. Only convenience matters when seeking a place to let. Does not matter if you are looking for a rental property in a village in a suburban area or in the town to save rental costs. Your preference should be to get a rental house, flat for an apartment close to your children's school, or if you are a working professional or a student. You can make a more affordable choice by spending some time on public transport from some of the more remote neighborhoods to find low-priced houses for rent in Lahore. At Raiwind Road, Lake City and Al-Kabeer Town are examples. Still, you can witness that Janjatay village next to Lake City has approximately the same rental band. Examples of this would be for students and ex-pats prefer Bahria Town, Dream Gardens, and Royal Residencia due to quiet environment and lesser traffic jams, you will be in the heart of Lahore in less than 45 minutes by public transport. 

Which districts in Lahore are the safest?

Lahore is the safest city in Pakistan! So, there isn't really a bad neighborhood to look out for. Pretty much all of Lahore is safe, so safe even that women can easily travel alone at night. And if you still don't feel safe enough, there's a unique Pink taxi service for women operated by female drivers. That said, it doesn't mean crime doesn't happen. Use your common sense: have a vigilant eye on your wallet when on the metro, and don't give opportunistic burglars a reason to give your apartment a try. DHA, Model Town, Bahria Town, and Lake City are the safest districts to live in. 

What are the best districts in Lahore?

Township is one of the most popular towns for students for relatively affordable rental estate next Johar Town area comes. Still, rent is up 25 to 40% for the same property. Both are close to the University of the Punjab Campus and home to many Tobacco bars, restaurants, and stylish hangouts that draw a young crowd. It has many academies, schools, training institutes HEC recognized universities. Suppose you're looking to experience the bustle of Lahore. In that case, Qilla Gujjar Singh and Old Anarkali is the place to settle down. You get to enjoy everything this busy district has to offer, such as the Gulberg Main Boulevard area nightlife, but also the tranquility of Liberty Park. For a quieter, family-friendly suburban area, Model Town might be right for you. Limit your search for a house for rent in Lahore to DHA, Lahore Cant, Cavalry Grounds, and Gulberg areas only if you enjoy living in a multi-cultural society. 

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