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icon 1-2-3 Beds Luxury Apartment in Lahore- Sheranwala ...

Sheranwala Heights, 1-2-3 Beds Luxury Apartment

Sheranwala hights located on the main canal road (UBD) of lahore between two populat housing societies DHA EME and Izmir Town Lahore.


Payment Plan:

9% Advance of total Payment

3 year's easy

icon Bahria Golf City Overseas Block Bahria Town ...

After the most successful launch of Bahria Golf City,

Now launching exclusively on demand of Overseas Pakistani

Bahria Golf City (Overseas Block) Bahria Town Karachi

Build your house on Pakistan's first ever 27 hole PGA Standard Golf

icon Bahria Golf City Karachi Booking Forms & ...

Bahria has launched a Beautiful  Project Bahria Golf City in Bahria Town Karachi. Make your house on the front of Pakistan's First 27 holes PGA Standard Golf Course. 1 Kanal, 2 Kanal, 4 Kanal Plots are available on 4 Year Installment, Booking Forms are available in Market.

icon Emporium Mall Lahore, Johar Town Lahore by ...

Emporium Mall Lahore by Nishat Group Located at Johar Town Lahore

icon Bahria Heights Bahria Town Karachi, Apartments, Flats, ...

BAHRIA HEIGHTS 2 Bedroom Apartments 1100 Sqft, and Commercial Areas in Bahria Town Karachi

icon Using Floors tiles versus wood in Kitchens, ...

We take a view of the two major flooring choices use in Pakistan – how do they manage the best, while allowing for style and comfort?

Your kitchen sees you at your most inspired – and grottiest.

The kitchen floor has to weather it all, serve up charm while you serve

icon Marla to Square Feet Conversion, Yards, Meters: ...

A Marla is a traditional unit of land in most areas of Pakistan. The marla was standardized under British rule to be equal to the 272.25 square feet or 30.25 square yards, but now a days, three different plot measurements are in use in different areas/housing schemes of Pakistan. In

icon Tips for Boosting Productivity with Good Office ...

People react strongly to their environment. Just look at the prices of the hotels that are one next to the other on some lovely Riviera. They have the same sun, the same place, the same distance from the beaches, but what makes them different is the accommodation that they provide. People are ready

icon Doís and Doníts of Domestic Electrical Installations

Electricity wiring in a house or office shows the quality of theme in life. If we use low quality components and ordinary fitting then we must have to face the music in future. To make the best installation of electrical components only few ideas you must have in mind before fitting.

icon Low-Cost Living Room Redo

Struggling on a budget is a pretty tough thing to handle, especially when you are in need of some re-decorations in your home. When you feel it’s time you needed to change something about your interior, it’s often happens that it isn’t a matter of decor but rather

icon How to Choose the Right Paver Material

When it comes to pavers you have the absolute freedom of choice from the variety of pavers in all shape, sizes and colors. This is why you may not know what to choose in order to put everything together and make your outdoors glow in its full potential.

Keep things

icon Make The Most Of A Small Home ...

One of the main characteristics of the home business is that you have your personal and your business life in constant interaction. Therefore, the most important problem boils down to the separation of your privacy from your career. By entering the question of the influence of the family on a

icon Cat Proofing the Home

So, you have finally decided that you are a cat person after all and you are about to adopt this adorable furry ball of love and get it into your home. However, although you may find your home quite pleasant and cozy, your cat doesn't have to feel that same way. You need to go around your house,

icon Prices / Rates / Payment Schedule - ...

View Latest Plots for sale in Bahria Town Karachi

icon Bathroom Interiors

History tells us that what is bathroom and how it started in old times. Basically bathroom is a place where a person can maintain his/her hygienic condition. Generally it contains a toilet, sink and shower and bathtub. But in Iran bathroom consist of two separate rooms, first toilet room and

icon Land Utilization in Pakistan

Land utilization is very important topic for the day to discuss. Through this we come to know that how a small or big piece of land could be utilized for a purpose. In old days Red Indian people or villagers cleaned up a bushy area for living and cultivation purposes. Most of the people cleared the

icon Low Cost Projects to Improve Your Home's ...

It is not necessary to invest a lot of money to renovate your home. Some simple fixes can brighten your place and enhance the value of your house. view

icon Safety and Comfortable Home Improvement Tips


icon Sewerage System: Environmental issues in Pakistan

Everybody knows that what Sewerage System is. Today we are going to discuss something about the waste water system. Sewerage system building and maintenance is very important because without proper coverage of waste water many kind of epidemic will be appeared in the life. To avoid epidemics

icon 3 Cities of Pakistan Where New Home ...

The real estate industry across Pakistan is experiencing boom with new construction and development activity. Local as well as foreign investments are fueling the increasing home construction around the major metropolitans in the country. If there was ever a time to invest in the budding

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