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House for Rent - Checklist in View!

Posted on 2014-03-26 04:17:16

House for Rent

It's not always a viable option to purchase a house for living, as it requires a lot of investment. Instead people look to acquire a house on rent and place a living there. If you are also one of them, then a check list should be kept in view, which should be strictly considered before acquiring a house on rent. Let us have a look at what checklist should be prepared before you get a house on rent.

External constituents:

Well, to be sure, vicinity plays a great role. The situation and other related factors matter a lot. Let us see some of them:

  • In which area, the house is located? This is the key external factor, that where the house is located.
  • How is the environment of the vicinity?
  • What facilities of life do you have around?
  • What are the common practices of the area to take a house on rent?
  • What are the rates prevailing in common?
  • Is there a lawn? Who is answerable for the support of it?
  • How is the region? Is there a market nearby?
  • How far is the main road?
  • How far is the community club?
  • Are there any potential annoyances?
  • How are the neighbours?
  • Is there a common security guard for security of all the houses?

Internal constituents:

Much to do with what's outside the house. Now let's have a look inside the house.

  • Is the house spacious enough to accommodate all the residents?
  • How many rooms are there?
  • Are all facilities available? Facilities like water, sewerage, electricity and natural gas should be present.
  • Is there need of any repairs? Are there any broken things of furniture?
  • Is it all right legally?
  • Is there enough space for your tangibles?
  • Is there any indication of dodgy wiring, detached wires or defective fittings or lights?
  • Do kitchen machines, for example, washing machines/dishwashers work?
  • Is everything fine in the bathrooms?
  • Are you allowed to change the design in the property?
  • Is there an internet connection? If yes, of what form? Broadband or wireless?

Security factors:

  • Are all the appliances safe to use?
  • Is there a fire alarm present?
  • Is there a security alarm present?
  • Are fire extinguishers present and working properly?

General factors:

  • Is the copy of tenancy obtained?
  • Ask the landlord in writing if anything needs to be repaired?
  • Are you able to ask previous tenants about the experience?
  • Have you noted all the meter readings before you moved?
  • Is everything fine regarding legal matters?

Financial factors:

  • What is the rent? Is it affordable?
  • What are the reckoned gushing reimbursements of the property?
  • How much of a deposition is required to be submitted with the landlord.

So before you get any house on rent, be sure to prepare a checklist and then follow it accordingly to arrange a comfortable living.