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3 steps to lay PVC floor as a professional in Pakistan

Posted on 2018-01-27 12:16:27

Easy and Economical to maintain PVC flooring in Pakistan. But this pose requires some manual dexterity. The material for laying a floor in Pakistan.

The material for laying PVC flooring

First of all buy your PVC coating roll and a special vinyl glue pot. Also a pencil, rule, tape, paper cutter, a toothed rack and a knife rub or a rolling roller.


Step 1: Place your PVC floor in clean surface

Clean the surface to be covered. Unroll your PVC coating so as to completely cover the ground as well as ' a small part of the walls, about 5 centimeters.


Step 2: stick your PVC

Clear half of the floor to be covered. At ' using your trowel, coat the special adhesive surface by d ' detailed circular movements. Leave the product according to the instructions included in the ' packaging (15 to 60 minutes) before folding your PVC on the floor. Small tip for discharging d  ventuelles bubbles ' air trapped under the PVC: Flatten the freshly glued coating to ' using ' a rolling roll or rub your knife, starting from the center towards the ends. Repeat these steps for the second part of the surface to be covered.


Step 3: place finishing

Mission almost accomplished! Its now to cut the excess coating that goes along the walls. Incise the PVC at the corners of the room. Do the same for prospective apply obstacles (pipe, walking, door, etc.). With your spatula, firmly press each of these recesses then cut the excess PVC with a cutter or a cutter. It is over!


Don't forget  air for several hours. And wait until the glue has dried (about 48 hours) before arrange the room.